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Business Visa
business visa allows you to conduct business and engage in business activities in another country. These visas are granted to individuals who are attending a business conference or travelling to another country to do business with another company. You will need to show that you are not receiving any income from the country. You do not have to worry for your immigration visa. We, at Global Destination Experts believe in fulfilling all your aspirations, and giving a direction to your dreams. If you aspire to diversify or expand your business horizon, we, at Global Destination Experts can make it happen for you. As we possess the expertise in immigration and settlement services for business ventures.

Study Visa
For student visa, the applicant has to say for more than 3 months in the respective state to study at the College/University.Major documents required are:
♦ Acceptance letter from University/College
♦ Proof of blocked account with Bank for living expenses
♦ Appointment is required at the Consulate required for visa process
♦ Financial documents with sufficient funds to take care living expenses and tuition fee


We are specialised to assist, submit and collect (where agents are allowed) visa and consult for student and immigrant visas.

Tourist Visa
Also known as a Visitor visa allows you to travel to a foreign country for a set amount of time. These visas do not entitle you to work or participate in any business activities while you are in the country.
♦ The visa is intended for people who wish to make a short visit to a new country for the purpose of vacation, meeting family members or to undergo a medical procedure.
♦ The Visitor visa process is generally hassled free and easily obtained by applicants who show a genuine reason for travel or have made an international trip before.
♦ Most visitor visa applicants are required to show that they have sufficient funds for supporting themselves in their destination country and that they have arranged for proper accommodation while living on a visitor visa.
♦ The applicants for visitor visas are asked to submit documents to validate their application. With the exception of USA, most countries do not ask for the applicant to be present for an interview.
♦ Biometric testing of the applicant is done by most countries when issuing a visitor visa.
♦ The visitor visa is typically given for a period ranging from three to six months based on the country to which they are applying.

Work Permit Visa
You will normally need to be in one of the following situations to have working visa in your destination Country-
♦ Have the right to work based on Ancestry/nationality or based on having a partner from that Country.
♦ Have a valid work permit or visa that allows you to work. Normally, it would be the employer who applies for this.
♦ Have a temporary or permanent working visa that allows you to work. This is normally based on your skills, qualifications and work experience.


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